The 2019 Cause has not yet been determined.  Please stay tuned!


The 2018 proceeds went to benefit the Kollin Gerow family.

 In early January 2018, Kollin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).   Kollin is at home, but he returns to Marshfield once a week for his treatments.  Marshfield is approximately 120 miles from Kollin’s home.  So, proceeds from the Run for the Cause will help with travel expenses as well as medical expenses.  

The good news is that zero leukemia blasts were found in Kollin’s bloodstream. This is the best possible news and hopefully, this is the same find at the end of phase 1 (February 5). The goal of phase 1 (induction) is for his blood cells to return to normal. This is called remission. This does not mean Kollin’s cancer is cured because without further treatment it would return. The total treatment time is around 3 1/2 years but the visits to Marshfield will reduce as he enters different phases of treatment.

Kollin is a first grader at Crandon Elementary School.  He is an active boy who enjoys wrestling, baseball, swimming, and camping.  You can follow Kollin’s journey to recovery on Facebook at #TeamKollin.


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